Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Er, what? Oh, don't mind me.

I'm glad I finally got a decent name for this previously aborted attempt to blog. They, their them… bring me down a bit when I have to use them. Gun, David Brin, and genderless pronouns whizzed together in the Blend-o-matic of my brain and out spit some blog posts. Been flirting with the idea of blogging…in my head, for ages. I always come up against the road block, that reads: "I'm just a dude, who wants to read what I have the prattle about?". Today I realized, that I want to read what my brain has to prattle about. Something about putting the words into the electronic ether of blog posts, files, and such makes it look different...hell, even interesting. If nothing else, self-reflective. So if you happen to find yourself here, welcome. Don't mind me, I'm just talking to myself. Pulling some stuff out of my brain to look at before it goes back in. Glad you showed up. Maybe we'll find something to chat about. In the words of a much wiser being than myself, "…the least I can do is share a little bit of my confusion"

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